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Ancestral Beats

Nicolas Alejandro Cantor Gonzalez is a visionary Latin music producer and entrepreneur hailing from Colombia. With over ten years of experience in producing Latin music, he has gained recognition for his work, which has been placed in numerous Hollywood movies, Netflix productions, and commercials.

Inspired by the desire to connect with music on a deeper level, Nicolas created ANCESTRAL BEATS. The project's goal is to bring music to life through improvisation and to rediscover the joy of music-making. He realized that technology had stripped him and others of their musical identity and that they were losing the ability to express themselves through their voice, body, and spirit.

Ancestral Beats is a personal journey for Nicolas, a quest to rediscover The Music within. The project is based on a live format, improvising with a range of instruments including drums, electric guitar, synthesizers, and South American instruments. With Ableton Live as the centerpiece, the music evolves in response to the energy of the moment, ranging from energetic and upbeat to contemplative and meditative. Ancestral Beats strives to convey what The Music wants in the moment, embracing limitations, problems, and imperfections as integral parts of the musical landscape

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