The Ancestral Journey

Nicolás Alejandro Cantor Gonzalez, latin music producer and entrepreneur from Colombia. For over 8 years, he has been producing Latin Music for the catalogs of numerous music publishers, and libraries garnering placements in Hollywood movies, Netflix movies and commercials.


Nicolas decides to create ANCESTRAL BEATS with a single objective: to connect with The Music through improvisation.

"Letting out what I have to say in the moment through my voice, body, and spirit is more difficult than I thought. It is an ability that needs training. It is an ability that as a music producer  I have been losing. The reason technology makes easy to correct oneself, record 30 takes, quantize a rhythm to perfection, tune a vocal to perfection, etc... This is a problem that is not only killing my musicality but is also erasing my musical identity and I don't think I'm the only one who this is happening to"

He realised that errors, limitations, problems are part of the landscape. They define us as people and musicians. They embellish us. They make us different. Ancestral Beats is an exercise, a personal journey to find The Music inside-out.

With a Live format improvising with drums, electric guitar, synthesizers and estrange instruments from South America using Ableton Live as the center of the project, the music evolves depending on the energy of the moment. It can be something very party or on the contrary something very meditative. Ancestral Beats tries to convey what The Music asks for at the right time.